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2022 Hands on courses 

Day 2

Hostile MCI

Hot zone CCP management


Target discrimination 

Alternative Transport for Public Safety 

Hostage & high risk warrant scenarios

Explosive breeching demo  

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Day 2 (Hospital).

Muscatatuck is truly a one of a kind training facility. The hospital will be the backdrop for one half of your training experience. The time spent at the hospital will offer training in:
-Target discrimination  
- TEMS/ RTF interface  
- CCP management 
- Command and control 
Role players will be on site to add to the realism of the event.

2022 Hands on courses: About

Day 2 (residence)

The single family residence area of Muscatatuck is set up like a small residential neighborhood. We will use this space to simulate high risk warrant service, hostage incidents and alternative transport options for injured officers.

2022 Hands on courses: About
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