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2022 Courses 

Day 1 Lectures

-Implementing blood into your TEMS Unit
-Social Unrest: The EMS response 
-Drone ops
-Fedex / Greenwood debrief
-Hostile MCI ICS  
-K9 med
-Chemical restraint 
-Ballistic trauma 
And more...

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K9 Medicine

Holly McCalip will discuss the logistics and law of the Indiana Practice Act and will give reference to other states accordingly. This two part training series covers:
-Overview of anatomy and physiology that pertains to your canine companion
-Emergency First Aid- Wounds, bandage  and limb stabilization and etc
- Advanced life saving emergency measures

2022 Lectures: About

Hot/ Cold in the tactical environment 

In the realm of emergency trauma care and rescue medicine hypothermia gets a cursory mention at best. Yet, through current EBM we know it holds a firm spot in an effective MARCH assessment and treatment. We will discuss how hypothermia effects victims of trauma as well as current methods of assessment, recognition, and treatment of both  hypothermia and hyperthermia.

2022 Lectures: About

Social Unrest: The EMS response

The events that unfolded in many cities around the United States, in late May and early June of 2020 was one of the largest and most dramatic public safety responses since September 11th 2001. Many cities and the public safety agencies who serve those communities had never faced such an event, much less trained on a response to address the violence that ensued. This presentation takes a deep dive into the response provided by the Indianapolis EMS/ Indianapolis Fire Department's TEMS Unit during the social unrest of 2020. This discussion covers the planning and execution of extraction ambulances operations. It also highlights the multi agency cooperation needed to make such an endeavor a success. Furthermore, there will be discussion on the unforeseen controversy a team may be required to address in the days following such an operation.

2022 Lectures: About

Active Assailant 

This presentation compares and contrasts the two mass shootings that the metro area has faced in less than two years. Active Assailant breaks down both incidents from the TEMS perspective and highlights the similarities and differences along with what worked and what needs to be adjusted.

2022 Lectures: About

Drones: What your agency should know

 Drones: What Your Team Should Know

Unmanned aerial system (UAS), drone, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), what is it? Are they different? Who uses them and for what? This presentation will be a brief overview of public safety drone applications for indoor and outdoor environments. It will also seek to answer... What information are drones able to gather for medical professionals in order for them to give advice during a tactical decision making scenario? What are rogue drones and how can they be a threat to your scene? What kinds of weapons can a drone carry? What is a drone swarm? When will we see a drone attack in the USA?

2022 Lectures: About
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Hostile MCI management 

This presentation will examine the principals of hostile MCI management. The includes ICS and casualty collection point management

2022 Lectures: About
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The multi agency approach 

The Multi Agency approach is designed to give students takeaways to implement cross training with neighboring agencies. This type of training sets teams up for success during real world, multi agency operations. This lecture will discuss the
importance of knowing the capabilities of your neighboring agencies. This includes the equipment, protocols, leadership philosophy and culture of the organization.

This lecture is not exclusive to TEMS operations. The multi agency approach carries over to fire, EMS, district policing and SWAT. Participants from any public safety discipline will benefit from this lecture in regards to mission preparation, planning and execution.

2022 Lectures: About
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Ballistic Protection for First Responders

This course of instruction will provide a thorough understanding of body armor.  The operating environment for first responders has become increasingly more violent over the last 3 years.  Unfortunately, armor is now becoming necessary PPE for many outside of law enforcement or TEMS.  This lecture will discuss the materials and construction of armor, current NIJ armor protection levels and the implications of civilian wounding patterns when selecting armor.  You will gain an advanced understanding of body armor by the end of this lecture.

2022 Lectures: About
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